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Equidome is a professional riding school with over 10 years of solid experience in the art of classical riding (dressage) as taught in the European riding academies. Various styles of riding offered for study all have a common goal--the horse should be ridden forward, straight and with ease. The rider should function in such a way as to make this possible. Sound training techniques, safety and good riding basics are the foundation for all of our riding classes.

Our Horses & Instructors

Our staff at Equidome is professionally trained to impart discipline around horses, keeping safety of our riders paramount at all times. Our head instructor has over 20 years of experience in equitation, horse training and riding instruction. FACILITIES Healthy and secure environment SAFETY & RULES At Equidome we take the safety of our students and riders very seriously. Equidome students and staff promote respect and kindness toward humans and horses. Proper riding attire, according to the school, Jodhpurs, riding boots, etc. must be worn whenever riding at Equidome. All students at Equidome must wear helmets whenever near horses or mounted on horseback. We have the finest horses of any private riding school in Lahore. Our horses are well trained and groomed for children and novice riders.

Ustad Lateef

32 years experience in Equestrian sports training

Tent Pegging Champion, AT, Pakistan Army

Ustad Lateef has successfully trained over 3000 beginner riders over the course of his career. A master horseman, Lateef has experience working with foreigners in Islamabad and has been our Lead instructor at Equidome since the last 10 years.

Tariq Salman

10 Years of experience as a Swimming Instructor


Tariq is as amazing a swimmer as he is a trainer. He is gentle with kids and makes them comfortable in the water like a breeze. He coaches all age groups and is a Master in self defense and mixed martial arts.

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